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Sam Poh Thong ( 三 宝 堂 ). Originally housed in Lembang Jaya, the temple was later relocated in 1952 to its present vicinity within Ampang Chinese Village. The relocation was part of the British Colonial Government resettlement program.

In the village also known as Kampung Baru Ampang, Sam Poh Thong, from its humble abode in a seemingly quiet village, the small wooden structure with 'attap' roof slowly transformed over the years into a magnificient Chinese Buddhist Temple under the helm of Venerable Da Yin ( 達 因 法 師 ) who took over the temple upon the founder's demise.

Subsequently, Venerable Ji Yuan ( 繼 願 法 師 ) 'inherited' Sam Poh Thong, continuing to provide a conducive place of worship for the villagers.


In 2008, the present abbess, Venerable Sing Kan ( 勝 勤 法 師 ), took over the guardianship of the temple maintenance. Since then, new temple activities were introduced and diversified to cater for the growing needs of the villagers especially the youths. Under the capable hands of Venerable Sing Kan, being an educator herself, an education system and Sunday dharma syllabus were introduced.

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